Tie Dyed Clothing

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All of our tie dye clothing for you to get lost in. Choose though a selection of Adult, Youth, Toddlers and Infants....



  • Infant Tie Dye

    Infant Tie Dye Long Sleeve and Short Shirts and Onesies -Sizes- NewBorn 6 month 12 month 18 month 24 month

  • Toddler Tie Dye

    Toddler Tie Dye Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve -Sizes- Xtra Small(2T) Small(3T) Medium(4T) Large(5/6T) Xtra Large(7T)

  • Youth Tie Dye

    Youth Tie Dye Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve -SIZES- Xtra Small(2/4) Small(6/8) Medium(10/12) Large(14/16) Xtra Large(18/20)

  • Adult Tie Dye

    Adult Unisex* Tie Dye Shirts. Selections of both Long and Short sleeve. *all shirts unisex unless specified* -SIZES- Small Medium Large XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL