Hemp Wrapped Bus Tie Dye Club Membership
Membership in the Hemp Wrapped Bus Tie Dye Club earns the member 1 Tie Dye Shirt of their size, and color choice for each month they are a enrolled*. Along with automatic entires into raffle drawings to win other Hemp Wrapped Bus items, email notifications on special events, member discount pricing at our online store and vending events**, 1 Hemp wrapped Bus sticker with first shirt delivery***

*tie dye club member shirts will be shipped within 1-3 days of the first business day of each month the member is enrolled. Last date to join and receive a shirt on the next shipping date is the 18th of the current month. Anyone who joins after the 18th will receive their shirt the 2-3 weeks after the next shipping date. Ex:(if April 1st was the current shipping date, and you join after the 18th of April, you shirt will be shipped within 2-3 weeks durng the month of May)
If no colors are selected, colors will be picked by the designer at random. ALL DESIGNS will be at random.
**discount is equal to 30%. discount not valid during specially marked vending event sales.
***additional Hemp Wrapped Bus sticker available upon request

Whenever you place a custom order with Hemp Wrapped Bus you have 3 weeks from the date you are contacted saying your order is finished to either pay or pick-up your order. After 3 weeks, if you have not paid and/or picked up you custom order, that order becomes part of our inventory for sale and you will have to REPLACE your original custom order.

Other Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.
Will not ship untill payment is cleared.
Due to lighting, colors in photos may vary
For local deliveries or more information on terms and conditions please contact