About us

Hemp Wrapped Bus is currently an at-home [self-sustaining] non-profit organization 
located in Cambridge, Maryland that sells tie dye goods and other hand made crafts
to help support the community. We sell handmade tie dyed goods including
clothing (adult, children, pets), bed sheet sets, and tapestries in natural fabrics.
As well as other handmade crafts such as crocheted goods: hats, headbands, gloves, etc.,
handmade lampworked glass beads and pendants that will also be made into hemp based
jewelry and accessories. Hemp Wrapped Bus will also sell promotional products
such as stickers and pins. We here at Hemp Wrapped Bus do not have formal hours of operation,
this provides greater flexibility for the organization to operate.
Vending events provide hours of operation, and contact. While orders are accepted
24 hours a day, seven days a week unless otherwise specified.
Involvement in our community includes donations and volunteering:
community fundraisers, demonstrations at community events, etc.
event organization: help develop, organize, and coordinate fundraising
for community events and organizations.

Every tie dye we sell is hand folded and hand dyed individually
so that every shirt is unique. We use various techniques to create our
patterns and process for the best quality product we can bring you.

Contact us for details on wholesale/bulk pricing